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Five Layers of The Body In The Human System of Yoga



Five Five layers of body in the Human systems

This human system of yoga, Five layers of the body. There is no such thing as a mind in yoga. Nothing as nothing. Everything is seen as a body layers because we are seeing it as a technology of change. They are called layers of cerebral palsy, psychoactive cells, pancreatic cells, sciatic nerve, and amnesia. Five layers of the body is a common factor of human for any changes depending.

Anna is the food you eat. What you call my body is just the food you eat. Is not it, It is a pile of food, small or large, is your choice. But this is a pile of dinners by the way, isn’t it?

Mental Body And Physical Body

There is a mental body, because of the physical body we have assembled from outside. When we say it in the mind, it is not here or there. Each cell in the body has its own intelligence. Each cell in the body has its own memory, doesn’t it? So is the body of the mind. Therefore, it is known as the mental body or the brain cell. So it’s hardware; This is software. This hardware and software cannot do much.

Mental Body And  Physical Body
Mental Body And Physical Body

Unless you plug it into quality energy. The third layer of the body is called the pranayama or energy body. All three are physical in nature. The next layer of the body is a temporary body, known as the sciatic nerve. It is a temporary body that is transitioning from physical to non-physical. It does not support any physical qualities, but at the same time, it is not completely physical either. The fifth is called the bliss. In the English language, this translates into a blissful body.

Some Important Points About The Human System In The Body

  • Joy body doesn’t mean you have a bubble of happiness inside. We call it the body of joy because, in our experience, we are happy when we touch it. Therefore we call it the body of joy. This is not nature, This is the reason for you.
  • It is a non-physical shape that is the source of everything that is physical. If you align the physical body.
  • The mental body and the energy body are in perfect alignment and balance. It is just an isolated state Which causes all sorts of problems. When the body comes with a certain ease, there is no disease.
  • You are likely to get a touch of bliss, where happiness is a natural process. It’s not that you’re happy about something; You are only blissful because it is the nature of life.

To Create Health For Yourself

 To Create Health For Yourself
To Create Health For Yourself

When it comes to food, one of the most important things you need to be aware of is that when you eat something on a particular day, you must eat a certain kind of food. To create health for yourself, Food, activities, and leisure. Most are three basic principles you need to take care of. Any food you eat, if it lasts for three hours, means you have eaten bad food and it can be avoided or reduced proportionately.

Best Food Eating For Healthy Human Body

If food gets out of your stomach in three hours, it means that you are eating something your system can handle efficiently. It may not be the best food, but your system is capable of handling it. And between one meal and the next meal, if you create a clear gap of five to six hours and have no other intake, you will find that, at the cellular level, the process of cleaning, cleaning, and maintaining a healthy life is most important and important at the cellular level.

Best Food Eating For Healthy Human Body
Best Food Eating For Healthy Human Body

There should be at least five to six hours of space between meals. If you are over thirty years of age, two meals a day, two good meals a day is sufficient. One in the morning and one in the evening.

In the evening you should have at least three hours before bed, and if there is some physical activity it is not too heavy or hard work – just walk or maybe a dance or something like that. If you do this, your system will be mostly healthy. If a bag in the stomach is still consuming food.

Death is the ultimate inertia, and if you fall asleep, one thing is inertia; Another dimension is the full meaning of the stomach bag that will put pressure on other organs in the abdominal region – which can lead to various health problems. This is very important as you go to bed, the food comes out of your stomach again the bag is not heavy to keep the pressure on – as you sleep in different postures. It should not strain the remaining organs.




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