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The Pandemic Corona Very Serious Infection



Corona Is Pandemic

Pandemic Corona: Corona is a very serious infection and all the citizens including children have come to grips with the governing mechanisms that are struggling to cope. Must be supported.

Corona Is Pandemic, Says The World Health Organization. 

What exactly is this?  Parents in the house, grandparents are all talking about Corona all the time?  Wash your hands, keep your hands clean, do not rub your face like a mouth, do not scratch your head or gnash your nose. 

Too many suggestions!  Everyone on TV constantly talks about Corona, even writes in the newspaper!  Some of them you may not understand.  Let’s do one of the tricky things for adults. Let’s try to find the answers to the questions and questions in your mind.  So mom and dad on TV, news stories about Corona, you hear/read a word again and again in the newspaper news. 

General Chat Chat Lounge  Pandemic If you have a question, what exactly is Pandemic?  ‘Corona is pandemic.  General Chat Chat Lounge  ‘You may have even noticed the worry on the big faces when saying so. 

What Is An Epidemic? 

When an illness spreads rapidly throughout the world and is infected by many people in different countries, the disease is called pestilence or pestilence. This disease is not spread to any country or to one continent, it is spreading all over the world. 

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Who exactly announces the epidemic?  Kelly’s disease patients began appearing all over the world, spreading so rapidly that the World Health Organization (WHO) was fully aware of the disease.  Checks, whether the information received, is correct and the WHO then declares a disease as epidemic or epidemic.

Are There Types In The Epidemic?

Yes, if this pandemic, infectious disease is spread globally, it is called a pandemic, and what happens in a country or province is called an epidemic.  Although coronas originated in Wuhan province, China, the word coronavirus has spread worldwide. The WHO has declared Corona to be a pandemic.

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