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Biography oF The Legendary Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar



Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar-therahinews

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Ambedkar Is a one-man army: Dr. Bhimarao Ramji Ambedkar card known as Babasaheb Ambedkar was a socialist reformer and politician. Babasaheb is the father of the Indian Constitution. A noted politician and renowned judge, his efforts to eradicate social evils such as untouchability and ethnic bonds were remarkable.

Throughout his life, he struggled for the rights of Dalits and other socially backward classes. Ambedkar was appointed as India’s first law minister in Jawaharlal Nehru’s cabinet. Bhimarao Ambedkar was awarded the posthumous Bharat Ratna Award for his childhood and early 1990s.

The Birth oF Ambedkar Saved The Kothi Clan

Bheem Rao Ambedkar was born on 14th April 1891 in Mahal army cantonment central provinces Madhya Pradesh. On batgirls, The father was a Subedar in the Indian Army and after his retirement in 1894, the family moved to Satara. Also in Central Provinces in 1906 15-year-old beam love married Rama by a nine-year-old girl. His father Ramsay cEPAL died in Bombay in 1912 throughout his childhood.

Babasaheb Faced The Stigmas oF Caste Discrimination

Ambedkar faced the stigmas of caste discrimination. Ambedkar was appointed as the defense secretary to the king of Baroda Santha, But there also had to face the humiliation of being untouchable.

Babasaheb Faced The Stigmas oF Caste Discrimination

The education he cleared his matriculation in 1908 from Elphinstone High School in 1908. Ambedkar got the opportunity to study at alfonsín College and obtained his graduate degree in economics and political science in the year 1912 from Bombay University.

The Path To Education

In addition to successfully passing the exams, the US awarded a scholarship of Rs 25 per month from Guru to Sayaji Rao Ambedkar, a ruler of Baroda. I decided to use this money for higher education in the United States to study the economics movement at Columbia University in New York City.

On his return to India, Bhim Rao Ambedkar decided to fight against caste as per his testimony before the South Bureau Committee for the preparation of the Indian Government Act 1919 batgirl, hoping that there should be a separate electoral system for untouchables and other neglected societies.

Reservations Act And Rights

He applied his literary skills in advocating racial discrimination, and in pursuit of the movement, the Ambassadors were concerned about the idea of starting his legal career, and by 1927 he launched a full-fledged Dalit rights movement.

He demanded public drinking water sources open to all I’m right for all castes during the temples along with condemning Hindu scriptures advocating discrimination political career in 1936.

Political Career

Ambedkar founded the Independent Labour Party in the 1937 elections to the Central Legislative Assembly, his party won 15 seats. He oversaw the transformation of this political party into the All India shall cast Federation. Ambedkar objected to the decision of the Congress and Mahatma Gandhi to call the untouchable community as her regions.

He would say that even the members of the untouchable community are the same as the other members of society. Ambedkar was appointed on the Defense Advisory Committee and the Viceroy his executive council as Minister for labor.

Acceptance oF Buddhism

Dr. Ambedkar and conversion to Buddhism in 1950 embed can travel to Sri Lanka to attend the convention of Buddhist scholars and monks. after his return, he decided to write a book on Buddhism and soon converted to Buddhism in the speeches Ambedkar lambast.

The Hindu rituals and cast a vision embed confounded the party aboard her Maha Sabha in 1955. his book the Buddha and Adama was published posthumously. he completed his final manuscript.

Babasaheb Mahaparinirvan Day

The Buddha or Karl Marx on December 2nd, 1956 death since 1954, 255 Ambedkar was suffering from serious health problems including diabetes and weak eyesight.

on 6th December 1956, he died at his home in Delhi since Umberto adopted Buddhism. as his religion, a Buddhist style cremation was organized for him. The ceremony was attended by hundreds of thousands of supporters activists and admirers.

Billions of blessings to this guest




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