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Introduction About What Is Coronavirus




Coronavirus: This is actually an introduction about what is Coronovirus 2019. It was discovered on the last day of December 31st of 2019. So what are the symptoms and what is happening with this virus clinically? There was a great article that was recently published in The Lancet.

About What Is Coronavirus

These 41 patients who came to the hospital there and were diagnosed with molecular techniques to show them. They were actually viruses for the coronavirus in those patients. About 98 percent of whom had a fever, 76% had a cough, and 55 had shortness of breath.

What was lacking here was a sneezing nose, the type of thing you would expect Hope to see you together. The regular virus is lacking for those who found here what it is. It’s a very good sign.

Coronavirus By CBC News: The National

If you are sick enough to go to the hospital. That’s what you can expect so that you know that it was confirmed with 100 percent. The molecular technique of having the 2019 and COV which is the coronavirus. So the average age of people was 49, so they were not old, 73% of them were male and surprisingly only 32% had an end The interest was comorbidities.

Now it is interesting that 66% of these people who were hospitalized were exposed to that specific meat market. I mentioned there was a family group who seemed to have gone into this meat market.

Symptoms And Cause of Coronavirus

The virus, which relates that it took about eight days to develop shortness of breath in patients. Who developed shortness of breath after the disease. In other words, there was an incubation period of about a week or two.

And then a disease lasting eight days and then there was shortness of breath and what happened was that shortness of breath was a symptom of pneumonia on chest whistle in hundred percent of cases and this 29 % of the patients developed an RDS.

Which is a very serious and significant lung disease leading to the last. Here the data was that the mortality rate was 15%, so about The patients were who went to death and a young one of them, Which had no Combididitijh and so really what about it instead of treatment as well as discovered it.

The Treatment Required For Coronavirus

The treatment is just helpful which means if they dry you give them fluids, which means if they cannot breathe then you can put them on a ventilator. But there is no medicine that is going to intensify the effect.

The virus has been able to get out of your system more quickly so that there is no cure in terms of the actual specific treatment, but there is no pharmaceutical company called Regeneron.

That looks into treatment and has some promising developments and although there is no vaccine. The United States NIH is saying that they are developing one really soon, so what exactly is being done about it because there are about 35 million people in China about this recording, who are on lockdown and it is called Wuhan around the region.

So what should you do if I visit Wuhan If you have passed then you will avoid going to Wuhan and if you get sick then make sure that you call the medical professional immediately and make sure you are sick and you are from Wuhan in that area.

And make sure that you take appropriate precautionary steps of isolation before you hear what their advice is on how to present yourself so that you don’t spread the virus to anyone.

And this is a developing story and we will keep giving updates as it comes but at this point, it seems as if the worst is not over yet and the amount of people getting infected continues to increase by more than 1300 and stay longer.

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