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ICICI Net Banking | Corporate Banking (Online) Login Process



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In this super-fast world, with the help of the Internet, you can do net banking in your home or office in a very easy way. You don’t have to queue and spend too much time on this. ICICI Bank has made it available for corporate internet banking (CIB) and net banking facilities online. All you need is your Net Banking user ID and password.

First-time login to ICICI Bank Internet Banking

login to ICICI Bank Internet Banking

You cannot access ICICI Net Banking without a user ID and password. The first-time Login in ICICI Net Banking must have at least an old password or Updated Mobile number. As my Opinion, You are don’t know about any login steps, so, please contact your icici relation manager to get the right information for the online process.

What is a Corporate Internet Banking’ (CIB)

Corporate Internet Banking’ (CIB)

ICICI is known as the ‘Corporate Internet Banking‘ (CIB) as a one-stop-shop. This is a key role in your office bank practice, in today’s 24 x 7 high-speed business world, ‘Corporate Internet Banking’ (CIB) has made bank transactions easy. ICICI Bank is one of the top banks in the world as Compare to SBI bank.

The following is a brief description of ICICI Net banking and corporate Internet banking

  1. You need to have a User ID and Password for ICICI Net Banking.
  2. If this is your first-time login in, So you can create a new password.
  3. For corporate internet banking (CIB), login ID and password are just as important.
  4. ICICI Net Banking is known as Personal Banking whereas Corporate Banking is known as Official Bank Transaction.

Steps For e-Verification (ECV) through ICICI Online Banking

e-Verification (ECV)
e-Verification (ECV) through ICICI Online Banking

1. Steps

This process requires you to log in to your account from the ICICI Net Banking login page. Then you click on the button labeled “Tax Center” from the “Payments and Transfers” drop-down menu.

2. Steps

So in the process, you have to go to the ICICI E-Verification page and fill in your PAN card address and click on the Submit button. you will be redirected to the Income Tax website.

Safety Tips – Internet Banking

Use Internet Banking To Minimise The Risk of Fraud

  • Utilize paperless choices. But limit receipt of paper statements by subscribing to e-mailed checking account statements, MasterCard statements, and Demat account statements.
  • Monitor your account activity frequently by checking your balances and statements online through
  • Restrict the utilization of cheques. Transfer funds online between your ICICI checking account or send cash to different ICICI Bank and non-ICICI Bank customers through
  • Receive and pay bills online for free of charge with Bill Pay at Fewer the non-public documents sent through the mail, lesser the possibility of fraud.
  • Link and manage all of your ICICI Bank relationships on-line at

For more information about Icici Net banking Click Here

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