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IMF Chief Gita Gopinath Admits India’s Financial Sector Under Stress



IMF Chief Gita Gopinath

IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath said…?

IMF Chief Gita Gopinath: IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath said that as the International Monetary Fund predicted India’s GDP growth in 5-7, the opposition targeted the Modi government and blamed the emerging economies for the global recession.

Chidambaram tweeted a tweet criticizing the government in Amorim. First of all, Nate said that the Union ministers will now attack Gopinath and the IMF Kabul Sybil on such a pilot and strongly attack the Modi government for financial collapse with the AC and D MKS camo.

The 58th Annual Meeting

Speaking at the 58th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the IMF’s chief economist, Gita Gopinath, said that the global recession of India’s recession has had 80 percent impact on the global forecast of India’s economic downturn, and said that the financial sector is under stress and that’s what you think.

Indian Economy slowdown By NDTV

To the Gita Gopinath extent, there was a decrease in credit growth And the IMF believes that the overall global economy in the recession is slowing down in India, so we have forecast a growth of 9.9 percent for 3 and 3.3 percent for 2, which is less than one percent in October, and you know that much of our downgrade in India General Chat Lounge Both years are significant,

So how good is the overall Lord’s estimate of global economic growth for India’s story, Lord, if you just do the simple calculation, it will be more than a cent percent that I want you to understand.

What is Growth Path in Indian Economy

In the non-bank financial institutions, where we are seeing the most stress in the financial sector, we have noticed a decline in credit growth and weaknesses and business sentiment. And so we have improved statistics in India.

Now the song of God will not be good enough for IMF’s Katyiki, which is more than a 4.8 percent growth rate. Its dependence on the global economy of the global economy.

Performance Figures

Our Prime Minister and Home Minister’s actions are dragging on democracy. But the IMF and the World Bank do so that they took performance figures from last year. And then went on to say that they do not consider what the government’s initiatives are.

This budget proposal or BFC crisis is in the form of a number of initiatives. Regarding liquidity issues and the credit issues for them all. The financial settlement mechanism that IBC and GST are re-establishing in India.

A big investment

A big investment is planned under the NIP pipeline. Rajiv is now doing wave managing editor business in that big group. How should we look at Rajiv, BJP leaders and ministers are telling the government.

We know that it is objectionable that India is a victim of a scapegoat when the world is down. What was the data? One serious caveat is that the government is ignoring. It so far or does not want people to know that the numbers are uncertain.

The Developing World

The numbers are very clear when the country’s quarterly growth drops to 8 percent from five to four years. One and a half percent is obviously going to be a country as large as you know. which is the sixth-largest economy in the world. And that is going to have an impact on that year because developing countries are growing by 1.5 percent. And China and India are less than two percent of the developing world.

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