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[Best] Top 5 Cricket Club in The World



top 5 cricket club

Some have the top 5 cricket club for providing the best services and much more. Cricket has become a very popular sport these days. In my opinion, a cricket lover can’t live without watching this game, there is so many cricket club open to teaching cricket in this world. Originating in south-east England, it became a national sport in the country in the 18th century and has developed globally in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Playing Cricket is Not Easy

Learning and playing cricket has become very competitive in this world, Cricket clubs are open in every city, but few cricket clubs are famous in the whole world. Competition is underway for players to join this Famous Cricket Club and Cricket University.

The following is the Top 5 Cricket Club

1. Philadelphia Cricket Club

  • The Philadelphia Cricket Club, founded in 1854, is the oldest country club in the United States. It has two locations: Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, and Flourtown, Pennsylvania
  • Philadelphia Cricket Club is the world’s largest and famous Cricket Club, one of the best private family-oriented full-service country clubs in America.
  • For More Details, anyone can visit the official website, Click Here…

2. Merion Cricket Club

  • Merion Cricket Club was founded in 1979.
  • This club is localized at Wynnewood.
  • J. Aubrey Jones is the founder of Marion Cricket Club.
  • The first cricket match was played at the Merion Club in 1866.
  • the cricket and golf clubs become two separate entities.
  • The Merion Cricket Club was Renovations in the year of 2008-2014. And the club achieved more success stories in the coming days.
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3. Germantown Cricket Club

  • The Germantown Cricket Club has been a wonderful experience since 1854.
  • The Germantown Cricket Club includes various Sports membership for years like Tennis, Squash, Cricket, Swim, Fitness, and Dining.
  • Germantown Cricket Club is the best club in the world that has given some of the most talented players.
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4. Manhattan Cricket Club

  • The Manhattan Cricket Club was founded in New York City in the year 2013.
  • The club had all the gentlemen, who kept the club’s rules and regulations up to date.
  • The Manhattan Cricket Club provided good food and drinks and treated it like a family member.
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5. Longwood Cricket Club

  • Longwood Cricket Club is the oldest cricket and tennis club in the world, which was founded in Chestnut Hill in 1877 years.
  • To my knowledge, some of the most memorable events in tennis history took place between 1964 and 1999, including the U.S. Includes Pro Tournament.
  • The U.S. The top best male players participated in the Includes Pro Tournament, including Rod Laver, Ken Rosewall, Pancho Gonzales, and Bjorn Borg.
  • It is unforgettable that Longwood was well represented in national tennis organizations, with 15 members in Newport’s International Hall of Fame.
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Is Cricket Club University a necessity today?

I think Cricket Club University is the need of the hour because sports are an important community and part of the country. But with the rising inflation in the world, club member fees have increased, making it difficult for poor children to become sportsmen in this 8th century.

It takes a lot of life to get a member in this aforementioned Cricket Club, but not even get access. Cricket Club University is a costly thing, which the general public cannot afford.




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