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[Best] World Popular Rugby Football Game




Today we are going to talk about the world-famous sport of rugby. Rugby is becoming more and more popular but if you don’t know the rules well how can you follow a game on television I will tell you what rugby is all about.

What Is Rugby And How Is It Played?

Simply put, rugby is the world’s most popular outdoor sport. You have more fun watching a sport playing rugby in boots with shorts and studs, and the ball you wear with a mouthguard to protect your teeth is elliptical and almost looks like an egg, because rugby is a British sport.

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1. Two Versions of Rugby

There are a lot of English expressions to make it a bit more complicated there are two versions of rugby union and rugby league this film is about rugby union. The most common type of rugby played the pitch is about the same size as a football pitch on the pitch there are a number of lines we start with the halfway line from this line the game is started or restarted after someone has scored next is the ten meter line after the kickoff the ball must cross this line then there is the 22 meter line.

2. The Game Line Marks Rules

This line marks the defense area next is the try line or goal line behind this line. You can score a try also along the goal line are the rugby posts two vertical posts and a crossbar. The last line is the dead-ball line and marks the end of the field on the sides you find the 5-meter line and the 15-meter line during a line out.


3. Time Limit in The Game

The players must stay between these lines a game is 40 minutes each way and has a halftime break of about 5 minutes a rugby team has 15 players eight of them play forward these players form the scrum and the line out and do.

4. Types of Plyers

The more heavy work next you have five players who do most of the fast running they are called the 3/4 one player is called the scrum-half. And they connect the forwards with the 3/4 and the last player right at the back is the fullback you play rugby with your hands and feet most of the time you hold the ball in your hands but rugby is a team sport.

The Method of Playing In a Rugby Game

Method of Playing
Method of Playing

So at some point, you have to pass this ball to your team-mates, if you pass you are only allowed to throw backward and you do this mainly by performing an underhand throw. you may pass as much as you want when you kick the ball. you are allowed to kick the ball forward so you can gain territory there are several ways to score points.

The most important way is to score a try you score a try when you place the ball on the ground behind the goal line of your opponent for this you score five points because you scored a try a member of your team may now kick the ball between the two vertical posts and above the crossbar this is called a conversion.

1. When The Get Penalty Kick?

This is an extra two points so together you score seven points if the referee awards you a penalty kick your team can choose between starting the game again or kicking the ball between the posts. If you should score your team is awarded three points you can also get points during an attack by performing what they call a dropkick.

Rugby line out
Rugby line out

2. What Is a Scrum In The Rugby Game?

You kick the ball between the posts scoring a drop goal this is also worth three points. Suppose you throw the ball forwards or you drop the ball and it moves forward in both cases. The referee will indicate that a scrum must be seen as a scrum is a restart after a foul such as.

The Following Some Game Rules

  • This the forwards of both teams stand in a specific formation against each other. Next, the scrum-half throws the ball exactly in the middle of the scrum and both teams start pushing as hard as.
  • When the ball is in a scramble when the ball is out of the scrum, half will not allow you to touch it with your hands, then use their feet to move the ball back at the same time they can grab the ball.
  • Waiting The player and the next attack starts, of course, if the ball is out, it can be touched, or if the ball is on the touchline or a player’s foot is on the touchline as the ball is taken to the backline,
  • The game will resume and the front of both teams will form lines. 1 meter is arranged in a separate line along the meter line and the nth Imposition of the middle two rows.
  • The player who can jump the most and he can be picked up by his teammates and he can grab the ball and tap his scrum-half because the funniest thing about rugby is that you can stop the player by confronting them but you can only face a ball possession player. And all you have to do is use your hands and body.

All the above information are important to new or beginner sports lover




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