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CCTV Camera Types & Details: Buy Online At Best Price In Amazon



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CCTV Camera: CCTV stands by closed-circuit television, which is used for monitoring purposes. This is a television system to use primarily for surveillance and security in all sectors.

CCTV Camera also makes safety for unwanted happenings. CCTV Camera used in the home, hotel, commercial area, government offices, private offices, building lobby, and everywhere.

This is an electronic output device, which is connected to the router. it is different types of cameras with different configurations. So let’s see the types and details of Cameras.

CCTV Camera Types & Details

Mostly 7 types of CCTV cameras are used for different purposes. It is an output device that can operate CCTV using the Internet or WiFi. Some cameras can be used with a smartphone (mobile) without any wired connection. Below are some types of cameras:

  1. Dome Camera
  2. Bullet Camera
  3. C-Mount Camera
  4. Day/Night Camera
  5. PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera
  6. High Definition Camera
  7. IP CCTV Camera

1. Dome Camera

👉 Dome Camera: Gets their name as per circular, Dome shape.

▶️ Dome Camera Features:

  • This camera is applicable for indoor and outdoor.
  • This camera is a Vandal Resistant.
  • The camera outer structure is solid.
  • Made from a special kind of material.
  • You can rotate it at any angle and wide.
  • This camera is weatherproof and night vision.

The camera is used in any season. It is available at affordable prices in the market.


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2. Bullet Camera

👉 Bullet Camera: They are named by their distinct cylindrical shape, which looks like a bullet shell. Basically this camera design for outdoor use. bullet camera best features as compare to Dome camera.

▶️ Bullet Camera Features:

  • Easy to Installed.
  • Store for long-distance views.
  • Used for Indoor and Outdoor areas.
  • This camera is weatherproof and night vision.
  • Get Hd Quality of images and videos.

You can buy at cheapest price on amazon and other online sites.


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3. C-Mount Camera

👉 C-Mount Camera: A C-Mount is the type of lens that found a 16mm movie camera, machine vision camera. you can easily remove the camera lens. The camera lens is available in the market as 4mm to 100mm.

▶️ C-Mount Camera Features:

  • HD quality Detachable Lens.
  • Effectively used for Indoor.
  • Best bulky size.
  • High-resolution image and video quality.
  • Best performance camera.

It has a detachable lens feature as per our requirement we can change the lens.


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4. Day/Night Camera

👉 Day/Night Camera: It has the ability to capture videos and images in day and night with low light. For completely dark used IR Camera.

This CCTV camera has a high-sensitive imaging sensor, which captures images of without IR. They do not work in complete darkness, they only work in low light.

▶️ Day/Night Camera Features:

  • Record in both color and black & white.
  • Camera verity of size available in the market.
  • Inbuild IR image technology sensor.
  • HdR Technology uses in the high model.
  • Ideally used for outdoor purposes.

Most of society and building lobby are installed Day/Night CCTV Camera for surveillance purpose.


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5. PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera

👉 PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera: This is a special type of CCTV Camera that can be controlled by a remote location.

This camera move on 360 degrees at any angle. you can control by remotely and automation mode. in this camera best feature is object tracking.

▶️ PTZ Pan Camera Features:

  • Given around 200m IR night vision views.
  • X36 optical zoom.
  • High-quality image and video resolution.
  • Best Motion tracking.
  • Remote Control mode.
  • Best Audio quality.

PTZ Pan Camera mostly use in government as well private sectors.


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6. High Definition CCTV Camera

👉 High Definition CCTV Camera: Have a high resolution that they are used in high-risk places such as banks, casinos, police station and alert zone.

▶️ High Definition Camera Features:

  • Best clarity picture details.
  • Zoom without losing focus.
  • HD offering maximum safety with high resolution.

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7. IP CCTV Camera

👉 IP CCTV Camera: It is a type of digital camera which is sending data via a network. In this camera no need to have a local recording device.

IP CCTV Camera is the best option and no need to having a physical device for communicating.

▶️ IP CCTV Camera Features:

  • No need for a local recording device.
  • Camera access remote mode.
  • Get HD (High-Definition) resolution view.
  • Less cable requirement.
  • Two-way communication.
  • Operated via Network/Internet.

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