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[Latest] Features And Review of iPhone 11 Pro



iphone 11 pro

Welcome to the review of the iPhone 11 Pro right off the bat I don’t really agree with the names, I don’t think there’s enough pro about these phones. that could have been to warrant putting the pro in the name, but the names don’t really matter what does matter is these are the highest-end phones that Apple makes right now in 2019. The truth is these are mostly pretty familiar phones to last year which was also pretty. familiar to the year before but you already knew that.

iPhone 11 pro Reviews

what’s new is Apple’s really focused on four major things for this new iPhone. So the design barely, the new display slight upgrade the battery life major and these new cameras so the design does grow on. you not gonna lie, we saw those renders and the models and nobody thought they were pretty including me but as usual, getting them in your hand and actually looking at them in person is a different thing and it doesn’t look horrible.

Features And Review of iPhone 11 Pro

I love the new matte finish, I think it helps a lot in the way it looks, though glossy, I will take the matte option on any phone when the camera is square. Looking at this episode, I’m glad we got the memes and it’s cut out of a piece of glass, and it’s kind of fun, so for whatever reason, the camera looks square indented.

1. The unique optical illusion of iPhone 11 Pro Camera

Features And Review of iPhone 11 Pro

I find this unique optical illusion but the design is that the Apple Pull iPhone 11 Pro Camera is designed to be square. And when it is on the table, it rocks slightly Apple Moment says it is the most difficult glass coat of any smartphone. I’m not going to test it, but let’s say the glass is glass, which means you definitely want to protect it or at least don’t throw it away. It does not look that way

The Pixel 3 is matte black glass, which reminded me of that the matte finish and the camera layout are just brand new things here, which if you come down with the design you don’t want to think about it. To prevent any further or just the possibility of fingerprints or scratches, you can catch up with our channel sponsor D Brand, and the matte black robot skin on it is really a limited edition thing.

iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max : top 25 features

So if you want to check out the link below but on the front of the phone it looks exactly the same screen size and resolution as last year, the same bezel literally you can put it next to the gems and you can be a hard one.

2. iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max (Unlock, Battery And Screen)

A. Unlock The face

This is similar to saying that this is new here so that these different apples say they have made Face ID up to 5% faster in the same space and I can work at a larger angle for a smaller area. A bit faster and if they are on the side of the old phone you will really notice this but you know what I will take It’s still for improvement, because it’s for security, and it’s nothing better than something different from an angle I don’t know about you, but when I read it, I hoped it could sit at the table in front of you and still read and unlock your face.

Features And Review of iPhone 11 Pro

Unfortunately, since you have still diluted any service running to unlock the phone, I honestly didn’t notice any improvement in the angle here, which is a little less on the buttons on each phone. I don’t know if the other has shown, but it’s true that they may be a little easier to reach and they have also improved the water resistance a bit, it’s still IP68.

B. Excellent Battery Life And 3D Touch

Certified and this phone I’m a bit thick and heavy really noticed the thickness but I especially noticed the weight. The Promax is a bigger phone weighing 20 grams than last year, and I can tell you that it’s a bit much, but did you know it’s pretty good because the battery life is excellent.

Iphone 11 Pro Battery Status
iPhone 11 Pro Battery Status

On this phone, as a result, it has also been achieved by getting rid of the 3D Touch, so the Apple Pull Clock is now just a new product of the Apple Pulse which has 3D Touch shipping but also gets rid of those pressure-sensitive display hardware, and the battery in the phone for a larger battery, by the teardown. It is shown to be true that the difference between batteries from 10r to 11 was only one hour, which was only 13 by There was a sonic improvement, but the upgrade from 10S to 11 Pro was four hours, as the hardware was left out of space due to getting rid of those 3D touches.

Battery I don’t know if I can count that four to five hours of the claim but battery life has been excellent from my experience I am aware of my use of everything super-high brightness high-end all the time. Getting seven to eight hours of screen and battery life all day on this phone is really impressive.

C. Effective Display of The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Maxx

Incredible. A contrast ratio, of course, was named because they named the Super Retina Display XD a name that is very lame, but the display is effective again at home and abroad. Now you can tell side-by-side with what you are watching on the 10th, playing a YouTube video or a game. Or maybe it’s not even scrolling Instagram, but a movie or something in HDR There is certain times when you notice that you notice that the improved brightness and it looks great, and the improved thanks to the sound are also very good. I can’t do it

Effective Display of The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Maxx
Effective Display of The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Maxx

Help, but think if you know that customers have slightly improved brightness or a bunch of hackles, we know that we are something we now need to know is better than the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Maxx – Resolution OLED reappears and it’s a little bit more.

Addition Some Features of The iPhone 11 Pro

1. Configuration of The iPhone 11 Pro

So it’s worth oh and specs they almost don’t matter on an iPhone review, but since people are always curious this year there is a new 13 bionic chip which is excellent and four gigs of Ram in these pro phones are Geekbench’s. Accordingly, it is still very fast as any new phone should improve most of these 12, it just helps that they stay fast for a long time and as it has been said they have to Will be more appreciated than the beginning of the end, okay, I can not believe I waited for you about the people Cameras have clearly been cameras for so long If you have seen any advertisement or any presentation video, these cameras are the main focus for the iPhone 11.

2. Excellent Camera Resolution

Yes this is a sentence that you have seen that we are seeing triple cameras now have three new sensors so you have a primary 12 megapixel sensor with a 2x telephoto camera and a 120 degree field about 0.5 x ultra-wide camera and it The fact is that the iPhone 11s camera is a huge improvement over the broad day 10s. The colors that the smartphones take are very good so they are really so not processing the dynamic range is excellent and of course with the themes. Their tan Mapping is at the next level it’s really cool.

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