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[Free] Download Kinemaster Pro video editor: PC | Android | iPhone



Kinemaster Video Editor

Kinemaster: If you are looking for a really good video editing app for PC, Android, iPhone then your search should end in this article. Also, as a beginner or a professional, we have considered all the expectations you have for a great video editing app for PC, Android, iPhone. I’m going to talk about the Kinemaster Pro video editor app via NexStreaming Corp Media.

Best Features oF Kinemaster Pro video editor

Once you’ve opened the app, the most important thing is to go into Settings and edit the frame rate per second. The rule of thumb is that video shots should only be edited at 30 frames per second. If you want to know what the FPS of an existing video is, you can do it on a mix video player, most smartphones shoot at 30 fps, which is good for me.

I Did 5 Parts oF the Video Editing Steps

✅ Move the first clip to the timeline.

✅ Learn to trim

✅ Add text and callouts

✅ Add audio

Finally, produce.

Let’s start with the Some step:

  • Move the clip to the timeline,
  • Select the clip for that open media browser.
  • I’m choosing a WhatsApp video,
  • It falls on the timeline.
  • Drag the layer to move it and you can move the video to the timeline. Go back,
  • Add and tap on it to add another video.
  • It also joins the timeline, specifying the status of the timeline,
  • Where one or more clips will be added before or after the current clip.
  • Once you’ve added a video to the timeline,
  • Click once to move from left to right.
  • Another thing is to learn to trim.
  • Equipped with a story to tell as the foundation for good video editing.
  • Everything else builds on it.

You want to crop the opening section by tapping this button on the bottom left to go to the beginning of the clip.

Kinemaster Tutorial: How to Edit Video on Android & iPhone By Justin Brown

To remove unwanted content in the opening part of the clip, just tap on the timeline on the video and you will see this yellow handle, drag it and move it to the new location where you want the clip to begin. At the end of the video, tick the same can be done. Play.

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Kinemaster For Pc

KineMaster is absolutely useful skilled video editor for android that supports multiple layers of video, images, and text, also as precise cutting/trimming, precise volume control, multi-track audio, 3D transitions, color LUT filters, and far a lot of.

KineMaster offers an associate unexampled level of control over the mobile editing method for artists and educators by providing you the handwriting layers which may assist you to draw on the video. With KineMaster you’ll easily make your videos stand out from the group because it helps you to extend the reach and recognition of your YouTube channel and create you a YouTube star.

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